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Jenny Sirimis


Jenny Sirimis was born and raised on the beautiful and picturesque Greek island of Chios. She attended and successfully completed programs at The Art Institute of New York City from 2009-2011, majoring in Video Production. Within the first six months of her studies she had received a “Best In Show” reward for a short movie entitled “Your Death My Life.”  In her career, Jenny has collaborated with Mega Chanel, NG TV and Ellopia Media Group. Ms. Sirimis has since worked at Tolios Photography for over three years now as a videographer in special personal events for clients.

Today she comes to Fishbeef with a substantial arsenal of photography and video equipment, an outstanding and very tight editing skillset, a proficency in After Effects and motion graphics which results in capturing important life events into neat digital timecapsules. This allows clients to return and replay important life memories for tomorrow and for generations to come.

Ron Wallace


Brooklyn Native Entrepreneur and Menswear Designer Ron Wallace was the Operations Manager at Manufacture New York. As a New York menswear designer, Ron has always been a big advocate for local manufacturing. After a few seasons of New York Fashion Week shows, Ron decided to join the Manufacture NY team full force to help accomplish a very similar mission. His combination of professional business management and design experience allowed him to perfectly integrate himself with the Manufacture NY “All-Star Team’s” eco-system.

Mr. Wallace is a results-oriented professional with a very strong, hands-on business management background. He understands and has executed numerous successful partnerships and sponsorships as well as maintaining ongoing business operations and delivering fulfillment. While at MNY, Ron led the buildout and development of MNY’s 20,000 square foot co-working space, including the execution: contractor planning, negotiations, and GM construction oversight.

Ken Varga


Ken Varga attended Brooklyn College graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production and had worked in production for 6 years before joining the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (BCC). At BCC he was a Membership Representative responsible for adding an additional 250 members. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is one of New York’s largest economic development organizations. Today BCC is the largest chamber in the country.

Ken’s gentlemanly manner and events experience had him producing and emceeing major BCC events with over 450 business leaders and elected government officials. These events included annual meetings, dinners, trade shows, golf outings, award galas, educational seminars, and monthly business networking events.

Ken truly values ethnic diversity and community and for the past 7 years he’s donated his emceeing services and event coordination skills to the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) fundraiser Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk held in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The event draws an estimated crowd of 50,000 participants where he moves and motivates the crowd, entertains, introduces local officials and special guests while acknowledging the sponsors through all event announcements. 

His commitment to businesses and community affairs continued with the New York Grant Company where he served as a business developer and liaison to various economic development organizations. Ken is currently a Board Member of the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce where he exercises expertise in establishing procedures, structuring membership benefits, sponsorships, events, government advocacy while building community awareness.

Ken comes to Fishbeef as a polished, professional, with well-honed networking, communications and presentation skills. He has an amazing rapport with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds acting as a bonding community leader and liaison. Ken lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Shekinah Monee


Shekinah Monee was born in New York and enjoys everything that our fine city has to offer. Shekinah is the former Assistant Director and Media Coordinator for the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Pageant, a Miss America preliminary competition. In addition, she was the Co-Director of the World’s Southern State pageant. She is also the Executive Director for the Miss Queens Scholarship Organization, directing Miss Queens and Miss Brooklyn through their preliminary path for Miss America. Her strong coaching skills have helped her titleholders a place in the Top 5. One of her true success stories would be Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan Hytes.

Shekinah received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Psychology at Albright College in Reading, PA. She also received her MBA while studying abroad in both Paris and London. After college Shekinah was able to juggle everything along with modeling and acting. She recently walked in New York Fashion Week, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, was showcased on ABC’s Gospelfest, and can be seen on NBC’s TV show, Smash.

For two years now Shekinah has been running her own international Public Relations Company, Perfect Vision PR, LLC. She enjoys the development and making of Perfect Titleholders and after being crowned Kenya’s Perfect Woman in May 2014, Shekinah was also crowned Miss Queens in the United States and was presented at the 55th Annual Quadrille Ball this past winter.

Ms. Monee is a pudding international socialite who enjoys philanthropy, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. In her free time, you can catch her clearing her mind by the ocean.

Breuk Iversen


In 1995, Breuk garnered an award-winning boutique design firm, Disciplined Beauty in his second semester at School of Visual Arts (SVA). One year later, he had six designers and 2 administrative staff grossing $3,800,000. in sales (per annum).

In 2000-2006, he founded 11211 Magazine promoting over 3,500 businesses in Williamsburg | Brooklyn (11211).  Also published under 11211The Box MapAppetite, The North Brooklyn Business Association, 10003 Magazine and Fortnight, with a staff of 4 salespeople and two designers topping $1,400,000. in sales. The lesson Breuk learned was to have more designers and fewer sales agents.

Since 2004, his focus has been on the ancient esoteric arts, physics, biology, sociology, psychology, neuro-scientific research, MRI brain scanning, eye-tracking, and Big Data-driven marketing. Mr. Iversen has spent 5 years testing his Neurochemical system out on client projects. This testing was successfully applied to all aspects of print and media advertising, branding, communications, and design (see here). The result of his 10-year research inquiry was to develop a predictable system (Neurochemical) for consumers and prosumers (see here).

The Neurochemical has been adopted and applied by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s iLab) where he is an adjunct professor training copywriters and art directors at major advertising agencies; Oglivy, BBDO, Horizon and RG/A.

Breuk is a co-founding partner of BinkNycthe founder of Fishbeef and works in Astoria, Queens.

Theresa O’Neal


Theresa O’Neal is a brand-building professional with over 20 years of experience in communications, marketing, development, and fundraising. She has worked with organizations such as Mount Sinai Health Systems, The American Cancer Society, VIACOM, Bee Season Consulting, EDCSPIN and a host of other non-profits, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

O’Neal’s career path has been diverse but her focus remains simple: helping those who help others. After decades of professional and personal experience, she realized she could align her network of resources to advance one thing, the common good. Her interests were peaked early on, in her work as a Public Affairs Director where she contributed to well-known pro-social initiatives. She departed from MTV in 2004 and began a full-time career in marketing, public relations and business development. She soon joined forces with her protégé Brian Dodson, a successful fundraiser who has raised millions for non-profits worldwide. Together they grew Bee Season Consulting which focuses on furthering the fundraising advancements of organizations, especially during challenging economic climates.

O’Neal’s roster of clients include doctors, restaurateurs, authors, performing artists, actors, comedians, clergy, designers, doctors, and entrepreneurs. She and her clients have been featured on The Today Show, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News as well as featured many publications such as O Magazine, The Network JournalThe New York Times, Daily News, New York Post, Essence and Black Enterprise Magazine.


E-mail:  BinkNyc@gmail.com



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